Give Her Hope is an NPO that exists to train and employ women living in Salt River in the art of creating handmade, all-natural, soap to generate an income and provide for their families.

Salt River residents are predominantly made up of South African and foreign national women of colour who are battling against systemic injustices, restricting their access to quality education, and employment opportunities that provide a living wage.

We aim to stand in the gap, and provide a platform for women ,in this position, to learn a skill and gain work-place experience/confidence while earning a living wage. We understand that one is ‘empowered’ not by income alone, but rather from holistic economic justice for the whole community. Our dreams are big and we’ve started small.  From our systems to ingredients we are postured towards generosity for people, animals and the earth. We’re exercising our faith towards an active prophetic imagination towards what holistic economic justice could look like for us and our community

Our product range, client base, employee skills and confidence as well as our dreams are growing and we’d love to invite you to partner with us in making this growth possible. 

Here are some ways to partner with us: