About Us

Give Her Hope FullWe are a business that makes handmade soap using coconut and sunflower seed oils.

Our mission

Our business gives empowerment and income to women in our local community so that they can support their families. With each bar of soap that you buy, you will be empowering a woman to generate an income and giving her hope!

Our story

Give Her hope was started so that unemployed women from a local community could be trained and employed so they could generate an income to provide for their families.

We started out making recycled hotel soap. This soap, however, didn’t have a big market so with the help of a retired entrepreneur who developed the perfect soap recipe for us, we started to make our soap from scratch using coconut oil and sunflower seed oil.

We currently employ two women permanently and three to four women come in on a casual basis when we have a big order to fulfill and need extra hands!

Our vision is to grow the business so that many more women can be employed permanently and thus empowered and trained.

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