Our Soap

Our soap mix

Our soap is made from coconut and sunflower seed oils. We make an all natural soap with no colour or scent. These soaps are so beneficial for those with problematic or sensitive skin.

We also make beautifully scented soaps that are scented with fragrance oils. Our soap are suitable for vegetarians as only vegetable oils are used and our product isn’t tested on animals. In our lavender scented soaps, we use lavender essential oil.
The regular bars of soap that we make are white. If a customer asks for us to make them a soap of specific colour then we add food grade colouring.

We pride ourselves on offering you, our valued customer, a high-quality soap made from ethical, natural ingredients.
We also make bespoke soaps to order – you choose the size, shape, colour and a fragrance from our range. From our small 11g soaps to our large 100g bars. We have a variety of moulds for you to choose from to create differently shaped soaps. This is a great option for gift and goodie bags, wedding and party favours or just because it would suit your home decor!

How our soap is made

Our soap is long-lasting, lathers well and is good for your skin! To create such a high-quality soap we have perfected our recipe and measure our ingredients with precision.

Our soap is basically saponified vegetable oils!! All soaps need to be made with sodium hydroxide (lye) otherwise the end product wouldn’t be soap! The good news is that the lye turns the coconut oil into soap but none of the lye remains in the final product! That’s saponification! You can be assured that our soap is kind and gentle on your skin.

Our soap is made by the cold-press method so apart from melting the coconut oil, no other heat is used – just a lot of mixing!


We use only coconut oil, sunflower oil, lye and water to make our wonderful soaps.

  • Scents. For our scented soaps, we add a little subtle fragrance. Just enough to leave your skin smelling lovely for hours!
  • Colour. If a customer requests a bespoke coloured soap then we use natural food grade colouring.

Our soap is not loaded with harmful dyes, preservatives or chemicals.

Why handmade soap?

We love making our soap by hand. Each batch can be made with care and precision. It also means we can make our soap in small batches. This way we can make bespoke soap according to our individual customer’s needs. We can make any size and shape soap – as long as we can find a mould, we can make the soap! We can add colour and fragrance as the customer requests.

What you won’t find in our soaps

Our high-quality soap doesn’t contain any SLS, animal fats, palm oil, petrochemicals or parabens.