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Brenda Adams

Meet Brenda, Sharon and Nandipa – the ladies who make our soap so you can keep your skin looking good!

Meet the women who make our soap. Read on to find out what working at Give Her Hope and earning an income means to them!

Brenda’s story

“Before I was working at Give Her Hope, my boyfriend and I were smoking drugs all day, every day. Since I have started to work, I don’t smoke drugs all day. My boyfriend didn’t want me to go to work as he would have to smoke alone but I wanted to work.

In the beginning, I didn’t enjoy the work but now I have learnt how to make the soap. It’s a new experience in my life. I love to communicate with the people I meet – especially the customers and the people who come and want me to show them how I make the soap. I love to share what I have learnt. I am proud to make customers happy and learning new skills makes you feel happy.

When I first started working at Give Her Hope, I gave nearly all of my money to my mother and my daughter she was looking after. They have both passed away now. I now spend my money on my other daughter and it’s nice to be able to buy her nice things when she asks. It’s nice to be able to provide for her.”

At Give Her Hope we want to empower more women by employing them and training them and enabling them to generate an income.

Your role

When you buy our soap you aren’t enabling a CEO to get a second home or a faster sports car – you are enabling women like Brenda to provide basic essentials for their families.

Thank you for your support!

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