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Berenice Prins

Meet the women who make our soap. Read on to find out what working at Give Her Hope and earning an income means to them!

Berenice’s story

“It’s nice for me to have a job – to be able to walk out of your door every morning to go to work. It’s nice, rather than staying at home and stressing about where you are going to get food and things from. I have learnt new skills and my job is interesting. I like my work.

I spend my wages on food and clothes for me and my daughters. I am independent. I don’t have to ask others to lend me money or give me food. Every month, I earn my own money. I get excited when it comes to payday!”

At Give Her Hope we want to empower more women by employing them and training them and enabling them to generate an income.

Your role

When you buy our soap you aren’t enabling a CEO to get a second home or a faster sports car – you are enabling women like Brenda to provide basic essentials for their families.

Thank you for your support!

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